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  Lifestyle Disorders in India

Heart Risk

  • India No.1 in cardiac patients:  10% population affected, US/Europe No. 2: 7% each; China: 4%.
  • Heart Diseases to be single greatest 'killer' in India by 2015 (WHO).
  • 50 million people in India suffer from heart problems. Number expected to double by 2010.
  • Highest growth among young execs:  1 of 8 is under 40 years.
  • Heart attacks among execs at 10 years ahead of global average age:  Prevention needs to start in early 20s.
  • Prevalence of CAD up from 17.5% to 35% among corporate execs in past decade: two-fold rise


  • 31 percent of urban Indians are either overweight or obese
  • Obesity can, in fact, triple the risk of heart disease

Stress/ Hypertension/ BP/ Lipids

  • Hypertension & Stress, especially from work, account for more than 50% of heart ailments
  • 100 million people in India have high blood pressure
  • Two out of three employees in India are a victim of stress
  • Over 40% of urban Indians have high lipid levels (cholesterol and triglycerides)  that are the major risk factors for heart disease

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